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Want a hassle-free way to search, book and manage clinical per diem shifts? Well look no further, the AMN hub app provides YOU complete flexibility and freedom to create your per diem schedule.

You will have access to browse hundreds of per diem shifts from the nation’s top healthcare facilities all at the touch of your fingertips.

No more waiting for a confirmation that your shift is booked or losing track of which shifts you are scheduled to work. The AMN hub app gives you the ultimate freedom, flexibility and control over your per diem healthcare career so you can focus on spending more time doing the things you love.

Key features of the AMN hub app include:

• Book shifts
• Instantaneous shift confirmation
• Search jobs by location and specialty

About AMN Healthcare

From temporary and per-diem staffing services to permanent placement and strategic integrated workforce solutions, AMN Healthcare offers a broad spectrum of physician and clinician staffing services across a number of award-winning brands, as well as a wide variety of healthcare job sites and portals.

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AMN Healthcare is dedicated to providing healthcare professionals with superior support and user experience. If you need technical support please call us at (877) 777-8086.

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